Nature, YES! Or YIKES?!

Nature, YES or YIKES?


I love posting beautiful and not so beautiful pictures or videos of nature to see people’s reaction.  A fawn or duckling, obviously adorbs! A spider with her babies on her back…expectedly, created a reaction of nightmares.

I get it.  Nature is beautiful, creepy, grotesque but most of all, it is consistent.   

I am FOREVER grateful that my parents taught us to pay attention to nature.  To appreciate it, admire it, respect it, beware of it but most of all, love it.

Here’s the thing, nature is a constant.  NO MATTER what the economic, political or personal strife you are going through, the birds will always sing, the waves crash, the sun rise/set, a spider will weave it’s web and a predator will catch it’s prey.  We can admire it or look the other way, but when times are tough, we can watch, observe and know, that life goes on. These magnificent beings that surround us on a daily basis, will continue to live their awesome lives.  How do they instinctively know how to do the things they do? To weave a web that can only be described as a piece of art, take it down and then recreate it night after night? To forage for food whether through migration, hunting or the easier route, the trash?  Nature is magnificent and whenever you feel stressed, down, unmotivated, I urge you to go outside.  Pay attention. Let your mind wonder and escape into their world that we simply know so little about. It is absolutely fascinating, motivating and if you allow it, will center you.  We are but a spec in this grand world.  We are ruled by thumbs, a brain, media, technology and circumstances.  Nature, specifically species, are ruled by instinct.  Perhaps instead of being scared, we should learn from them and live our lives more simply and with instinct instead of fear.

That being said, if I see a poisonous anything, I am not too kind.

May the sun always rise and set and our instincts be met.



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