About Us

Inspired and conceived from a life of porch living.  
Living in the Virginia Horse Country and being a former fox hunter, the term Horse & Hound has always meant a lot to me.  It not only represents the bond between two animals who work in tireless pursuit of a sly fox, but a lifestyle of gorgeous countryside, sport, friends and our beloved 4 legged animals.  
In 2015, I wanted to create a lifestyle brand that evokes the same feeling that Horse & Hound does for me. But rather than being about galloping full steam ahead across the countryside, it is about just sitting.  Taking in simple pleasures, enjoying family, friends, a beverage of choice and of course, your dog. So, I decided to spin the term and trademarked the name Porch & Hound® to honor this age old tradition.  
Much like a fox hunt, life moves at an alarming rate.  This brand is a reminder that sometimes we just need to sit...stay...enjoy!   
We are very young and will continue to add products over time!  Always keeping the spirit of good dogs, good company and porches in mind!
* As a sidenote, my love for porches began as a child, under my Dad's roof, so it is only fitting that my Father was the artist behind our logo.  Please look for more of his artwork in future products!  To share this with him at 50...something and 80...something, has been quite the honor!