LOVEVOLVE - Light silk - Natural

  • $152.00

Designed by the talented Sunny Goode, our LOVEVOLVE  scarves are perfect by themselves or with one of our hats or Belle belts. 

Created out of art therapy, Sunny randomly painted the letters L, O, V, E on a canvas. She quickly realized not only was she reading the word LOVE, but also the word EVOLVE.  It then occurred to her that in order to LOVE, one must EVOLVE and in order to EVOLVE, one must be open to LOVE. Research has proven that the word LOVE has a positive effect on the brain and for that reason, she wanted to put more LOVE into the world as a force for good.  It was then that LOVEVOLVE was born.  Together with her daughter Presley, they are on a mission to promote LOVE from day 1 for new babies and families. They regularly donate to the One Love Foundation who's mission is to empower young people with healthy habits to cultivate healthy relationships.

Our scarves are 38 x 38" and come in two patterns, colors and fabrics. 

The cotton/linen is light, airy with a moderate weave.  The light silk is pure luxury without the worry of slippery knots. 

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